Venus in Scorpio – The Seductive Lover

Venus in Scorpio – The Magnetic & Passionate Lover.

She will tear at you, open your heart and make you drunk on kisses. Though much desired she gives in with her heart rarely – she defends it for she knows how intense real love is. And anything less she will never accept. She may have a reputation as a seducer or a leader-on-of-lovers because many love her and she requires more than most can give. The only way she can love is right to the depths of the psyche, tearing through your soul leaving you gasping and joyous and broken in the best way. But if you aren’t up to that she will never let you in. She may even secretly scorn you for your shallow, pathetic ideas on love – love is all or nothing. Her intensity provokes you to greater awareness. Best not to be faint of heart, you will be transformed by this way of loving. She can be jealous and provoking, don’t mock or trifle with her. She won’t laugh it off. She will be wounded, deeply and may not love again. Or, she will wound your heart right back. You will bear the mark through all subsequent loves and secretly, you’ll never forget her.

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