Venus in Virgo – Virtue & Love

Softly, sweetly she comes, love gently gathering blossoms. Elegantly clothed, but quietly, she steps, carrying a basket of fruit, perfume precedes her. Venus has entered Virgo and she casts off her bold and Queenly robes revealing a wise maiden, a keeper of sacred light, crowned in spring blossoms, veiled in green leaves. Venus has lost her bold colour and instead, seeks dignity and gentleness.

Venus in Virgo brings an end to the heady Venus and Mars in Leo energy of the last few weeks. Virgo is the principle of containment and wise management which is opposed to the usual Venusian love of pleasure, comfort and ease. After the Venus in Leo transit it can feel like the supply of riches, excess and passion is turned waaay down. Now is a good time to review any excessive expenses from that last month. Take a hold of your spending on luxuries like clothes, dining out. Swap the over-indulgence in drama and drive the energy into actual work.  If we work wisely, Venus as Maiden brings an invitation to plan the next stages of our relationships to money and to the Beloved – or whatever/whomever it is that you desire.

Do not underestimate the Maiden, She carries her own magic and the secret source of prosperity if we are willing to be patient and wise. It’s just a little hard getting started on getting back to work after all the fun of the Venus and Mars behaving as King and Queen of Love in Leo.

Mars crosses into Virgo on October 13, joining Venus. Mars climbs down off his horse, and puts aside his armour. Mars helps us bring focus to what we know we need to do. In romantic relationships and financial matters we can choose to pine for the sense of ease and wealth of the Venus/Mars in Leo or we can direct our desires with focus and diligent work. If you can find beauty in economy, little comforts in the midst of the duty, if you can delay gratification you will reap a full harvest in time.

Venus is in Virgo until November 2 Mars crosses from Leo into Virgo October 13 and remains in Virgo until November 29.

While Saturn is preparing to cross the knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius October 26. Saturn won’t be out of the dark until after November 8, but as 2017 draws to a close we feel a serious shift in gears in our life. Saturn takes 28 or so years to go around the zodiac – about 2.5 years per sign. Every time he changes sign we experience a change in the “realities” we have to deal with. Read more on Saturn in Scorpio here. The Sagittarius transit is a whoooole lot better than the difficult, but transformative, Saturn in Scorpio transit.

Venus and Mars in Leo showed what (and who?) it is you really want. Venus and Mars in Virgo show us the wisest path to get there, if we are willing to do the work.


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Your ambitions and goals are actually taking form! It’s an exciting time of continued effort and work but seeking fruit ripen on the tree is a good motivator. The Full Moon ennui is dissipating, as you see that your work was worthwhile after all. This is a big thing for Aries, always pursuing success, ambition or adventure. Your ruler Mars is leaving the playful and fun Leo for the more demure Virgo. With Mars in Virgo your focus turns to working carefully on the details, taking care of your well-being, duties and routines and reap the rewards as Saturn leaves your 8th house for Sagittarius – crystallising your good-fortune and establishing your dreams as a reality you can take a hold of.


Venus moves into Virgo, bringing focus to your romance, playfulness and children sector. Virgo is a quiet, contained sign. But Venus with Mars by her side, brings you gifts of gentleness, kindness and comfort. Venus invites you to make space for play and because you are an Earth sign, you might need to schedule it to make it happen. Saturn is moving from opposition to your sign in just a fortnight, lightening a 2.5 year period of difficult relationships. Attune to the Venus and Mars in Virgo and tidy up, make new order and prepare ground for a fresh new cycle of seed, flower and fruit.  Eat well and make caring for your health a creative and pleasurable process. We know Taurus always prefers pleasure to duty, so make your health routines lovely and see the transformation true nourishment brings.


Gemini is the ally of Virgo. Both are ruled by clever Mercury. Gemini is sparkling intelligence but Virgo has the intelligent plan and skill to make it real. With Venus, Mars, Mercury & Sun (until Oct 17) in Virgo your focus on home and hearth continues this week. Clear out cupboards, file paper work and spring clean. Make a plan and check each task off the list. Your diligent work will payoff – your refreshed home space makes room for new ideas, dinner parties and other lovely, interesting things. In love and relationships you are focusing on making the home space a heart space, snuggle up, stay in and enjoy the little, comfortable, every-day things that give love a strong foundation.


Venus and Mars in Virgo bring some calmer, steadier vibes after last month’s heady Leo excesses. Venus and Mars bring creativity, energy and focus to your intellectual life. It becomes easier to focus on getting detail work done. Now is the time to create strategies, economic plans and set new timetables so you have enough time to do all the things you love – properly. Take care not to neglect your health routines, Mars brings gains in health and well-being if you apply yourself right now. The Moon is at her last quarter for the month in your 12th house bringing extra moodiness today, but the weekend brings Moon in Cancer days – you will feel in flow, content and at peace.


Sigh! After a heady few weeks passionate lovers Mars and Venus have left your sign for delicate Virgo. The big energy of this transit brought a boost in confidence and makeover of your look and reputation. Now Virgo Venus and Mars has you thinking about money, expenses and ugh – economising. You love to be generous and you love to enjoy – having to manage your finances or just think about using things in a more ordered way is a little uncomfortable for you. Remember even Empresses have to manage their vast resources – it doesn’t make you any less royal. Wise management makes necessary extravagances possible. In love and relationships it’s time to look at the practical aspects you need to make it work – make the effort now and you will gather bountiful harvest in a few months time.


Venus and Mars enter your sign making you glow. Your vitality surges thanks to Mars’ influence, Venus gives you a charming, attractive and lovely aspect. Make the most of this week to charm your loved one, flirt with your sweetheart and win not through a show of force, but by making them want to give in. Your ruler Mercury changes to Libra in a few days bringing your focus to finances and resources – Venus and Mercury are in each other’s kingdoms bringing intelligence to money matters and charm to matters that normally need to be argued to be won. Make the most of the lovely energy this month and enjoy the blessings they bring. In love you have the magnetism of Mars and attractions of Venus to romance your sweetheart or charm your spouse with considerate romantic gestures that make her melt.


Your ruler has disappeared into the hidden sector of your chart, taking the emphasis off friendships and gains from your efforts at work. Mars joins her in agitating your unconscious mind bringing vivid dreams and vague longings. Allow Venus and Mars to work their way through the unconscious mind and guard against big expenses. It’s a good time to check any places in the budget that might be leaking cash. Search for savings that you can later invest on lovely things to enjoy. In love and romance Venus and Mars have you intriguing, romancing and seducing behind closed doors. Venus and Mars in the 12th house bring secret love affairs and dream lovers, intoxication and romantic daydreams. Next month Venus enters your sign bringing a new cycle of lovin’ yourself, makeovers and everyone else reminding you how lovely you are.


Mars your ruler joins Venus in elegant Virgo bringing recognition and reward from recent efforts in your career. It’s a busy time as Saturn begins preparations to leave your sign after 2.5 years of difficulty and frustration in making your way in the world. Work hard at consolidating gains at work, making the most of the good reputation you are gaining in your professional life. You’ll find yourself busier than usual with invitations to parties, hang with friends and socialise – take care not to get into conflict with pals as Mars brings any hidden frustrations to the surface. In love and relationships Venus an Mars bring the chance to find new love through your many social engagements. Those already in love delight in being in the beloved’s company at parties – enjoying the friendship aspect of your romance all month.


Venus and Mars grace your 10th house of career and vocation. After a month of big picture and visionary ideas about your life’s purpose it’s time to apply these discoveries to your career and public reputation. Plan, order your work environment and make a business plan. Organise your goals and big picture thinking on a big piece of paper and scribble the first steps you need to make it work. Venus and Mars bring the chance to achieve new heights in your profession – the results don’t have to be perfect just get it done! In love you find new romance through activities related to your profession but not on the job necessarily…for those in relationships your career goals can cause tension with your loved one, make sure he still feels he still matters as you begin to achieve some of those long term goals.


Bridging heaven and land Capricorn is part water, part earth. It’s time to think clearly about what you are really aiming for in your life. Make time to ponder the big, existential questions. Check that your plans align with what is possible in life and what you long for. Don’t let practical considerations cast gloom on your aspirations, find a way to balance both the desired and possible. In love and romance Venus and Mars invite you to consider the higher purpose of your romantic attachments and to live up to them. Perhaps it’s time to adjust your life so that you meet these nobles ideals. Over all this month brings a gentler time after the emotional intensity of last month. Take refuge in Virgo’s heavenly order to bless conflicts you have in love and desire. Virgo brings peace and acceptance so that you can enjoy and deeply connect with your beloved.


Venus and Mars move into your intimacy sector stirring up hidden feelings and attachments which make fair-minded Aquarius a little uncomfortable. Luckily for you, Virgo restrains the passion of Mars and the sentimentality of Venus meaning you have some space to work out what all these feelings mean and you can communicate any issues to the beloved. Allow any deep feelings to brew and ripen within you – don’t feel you have to work it all out right now. Await the transit out of Virgo into Libra in a months time. It is a time to look at what is shared and what is not – consider where you need to make limits and where you may need allow your others to get closer to you  so that sweetness can grow between you and your sweetheart. For single Aquas now is a time of coming to term with any issues in intimacy, especially betrayal, that have been hurting your heart and keeping love at a distance. Allow yourself to feel, accept and farewell the history so you can begin a new connection in good time.


Venus and Mars enter your relationships sector. They ask you to define your feelings, create boundaries in which to hold your romantic feelings and to make a solid plan if you are in a relationship. Your beloved needs your energy and attention. After the last Full moon you’ve got some better insight into who you are. If you know what you are about you know how much you are capable of giving and can really make something of your relationships. Be honest about it, and ease your beloved’s mind. She doesn’t want something you can’t give, but she does want to know what you want and are able to give. For the Pisces seeking love, Venus and Mars in Virgo bring opportunity to find and renew love through little, considered actions rather than grand gestures. Overcome your shyness and invite your sweetheart to get to know you better, Venus and Mars are on your side!

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