Venus Returns: Love in Triumph

For 6 weeks Venus has been travelling in the Underworld, inviting us to look into the shadows of ourselves and in seeing the lack – learn what it is to love. And as Venus emerges she brings us back to the sweetnesses of life, our passions tempered, more patient and understanding that the easy flow of affection that Venus in Leo brings us doesn’t come from nowhere.

It isn’t luck or because you deserve it (or don’t deserve it). For the sweetness and luxury we crave we must work – we must also learn to find love in the cold of lack,  even in a long night. Without sorrowing, we do not become reverent. When our well of funds runs down we discover luxury in sunshine, a coffee, home cooked love-filled meals…when our heart breaks open we are humbled by the love that we have had or do have – even if it isn’t the lover we long for. If we do the work when the tide of lack arrives, when abundance flows in again we know exactly how precious hearts are.Venus in Leo can bring excess of feeling, drunken romance and the shadows of these, taking hearts for granted, feeling entitled, making it about “me” and what you’re not “giving me”. Venus in her Underworld journey brings us into deeper love if we accept her lessons.

Facing these truths is humbling, difficult, confronting. What we thought was pride seems like vanity, romance turns to the dust as infatuation, luxury is empty. Ah bitter lessons from Venus who we petition with honey, strawberries and chocolates! It is common for relationships to be tested sorely at this time and many loves to crumble. Some of those loves will crumble and the underside revealed behind the glitter of romance. Be brave enough to look into it and still see beauty.

And now as Venus ascends from the darkness she brings flowers with fragrance and colours you had forgotten, she carries battered treasures that have survived a long journey and many trials. She brings light and awareness to how we have been loving and how we can love, truly now.

Now we have seen the lack in ourselves or those near us – let us love again with warmth, loyalty and a truly generous heart. The tide has turned and with Mars at her side Venus is bringing back her grace and blessing with force, speed and passion. This is a time of reconnection, reunion and romantic revolution.

The sign of Leo is good natured – forgive heartily, yourself most of all. Venus brings another blessing, she always mitigates Mars – if your temper has been running hot and loud, Venus will add her perfume to the situation – turning that temper to passion and directing that energy into loving more graciously.

As the moon fades to dark in this last week of the Moon month gather in what you have learned of love and connection. In harmonious aspect to Uranus – the revolutionary – Venus and Mars are changing our relationships for the better, if it all feels a little sudden rest assured, that’s what the weather is bringing now – sudden resolution and change; change in directions, changes of heart.

Change your direction as you know you must and ride the tide. We always sigh and hope for change, well…here she is, here it comes. Jump on it if you’re ready (and even if you’re not and you’re curious as to where it will lead). For those of you not ready just yet, that’s ok. Be gentle with yourself, watch from the shore respect your own timing. Bear witness to us as Venus-like we begin chasing the Sun again in Love with Venus herself. ~ Love, Asha

Virgo: Venus joins Mars in the shadow realms of your unconscious. Quietly she brings her blessings forward, the deep work you have done on relationships is slowly unravelling. You won’t see the results until Venus passes into Virgo in a few weeks time. The work you do on letting yourself feel and speak to your love is important. If you can face this you will find more joy in your daily routine and obligations, that facing your deepest emotional longings your health improves too. Jupiter in your sign is opposing Neptune (Lord of Dreams) bringing deep, soulful insights to how you are dealing with the unconscious or most spiritual aspects of the significant partnership in your life. You experience more longing for a partner than you are used to. Your partner or absence of a partner is bringing a greater awareness to the spiritual life within you – that world without borders or reasoning that can be so uncomfy for the Virgo.

Leo: Breathe out a sigh of relief dearest Lions, the money and love situation is on the up and up. You feel recognised, made visible again. The tide is turning and the usual ease which makes you shine is back. It’s been a tough six weeks; you’ve felt or have actually been the subject of personal criticism for your values. Facing up to the difference between the royal gesture versus actions of integrity is tough. Rest assured you are loved and as precious as you hope but…you need to ground those good intentions in good action. Then you will find the good standing you crave. Character rather than popularity. The Leo is the sign of the Sovereign. You can’t be a good Queen or King if you want everyone to love you all of the time. Good leadership requires making decisions that balance the pleasure and benefit to everyone and achieve the desired outcome. Sometimes midway between the intention and achievement your noble heart will be scorned. You are the sign of the Sun. Keep a good core of self-worth and shine. If others don’t agree, it doesn’t put your light out. You can’t cloud the sun. Cancer: Venus joins Mars to bring her blessing and kick back into action the material sector of your chart. You may have found yourself feeling pinched, which for a Cancerian is a particularly unpleasant state of affairs. How can you nourish others if you feel you can barely nourish yourself? Venus and Mars in this part of your life also restore your sense of personal, not-negotiable values. And give you the courage and energy to challenge others to bear their end of the burden. When you have a generous heart the penalty can be great, we find ourselves stretched too thin. Even the cautious are faced with lack. Value what you give and the love that you carry. And don’t allow other’s values or needs no matter how desperate they may say it is, distract you from your sense of worth and what you hold to be worthwhile.

Gemini: With your ruler now in Libra you find yourself calmly and clearly negotiating boundaries, leaping over obstacles formed of words, contracts or intellectual debates. Get it done as quick as you can, Mercury goes retrograde next week. You can prepare by having a clever look at what people are saying to you especially when it comes to relationships which work best (or only work) when responsibilities and contributions are balanced. During the retrograde stay curious about what new information and perspective will turn up. The busy mental work that has been agitating you since Mars entered Leo almost a month ago begins to pay off – Venus is direct and you are feeling optimistic again. If your words have been misinterpreted into arguments and confrontations Venus will sweeten everything up, giving you back your usual grace and cleverness and an extra blessing of tact. The last week of this month asks you to integrate recent insights around home vs. career and just where it is you want to be.

Taurus: Venus is direct again bringing much anticipated grace and blessing to your home life. You feel you can relax and enjoy yourself with a greater sense of ease at home with family. Tensions with those you live with ease and a new sense of connection with those in your nest emerges – and can contend with your responsibilities in your career. Your children or creative projects continue to require big energy and input (and will until Jupiter leaves Virgo in 2016) while you are thinking and rethinking just what you need to renegotiate in terms of your day job (and how happy it makes you). During the Mercury in Libra retrograde period you may begin to wonder if you really do want to keep working as you are or find something different. Wait until Mercury leaves his retrograde motion on Oct 9 if you can…you won’t have all the information til then. Being a Taurus patience is one of your greatest strengths, use it to your advantage.

Aries: Your ruler Mars embraces Venus as she turns direct in Leo for the next week bringing sweetness, connection and igniting passions for romantic affection. You can find the courage to speak to your heart and sensitive feelings – just remember dear Aries that not everyone is as decisive as you are, be courageous in love and allow the beloveds to respond in their own manner and time. Having finished her retrograde process whoever is the Venus in your life may be ready to reply to your request for acknowledgement. Money matters that you have been reflecting upon call for your attention and excess of any kind is balanced by the business and blessing that Jupiter and the Sun bring to your daily routine. Mercury is now in your partnership/negotiation sector. He heads retrograde in a week so take this time to assess how you are managing agreements of any kind committed to paper, rental arrangements, business contracts or commitments made with a vow of any kind. You will be taken over this area in detail in the next 3 weeks…make sure you have all your pieces in a line so that you act wisely and to your own advantage. Which beloved Ram always involves considering the benefits to the other parties involved. Negotiations are two-sided even if you are right.Pisces: Venus and Mars are racing forward with joy in your sixth house of daily employment, health and routine. Physical energy improves as does your relationship with those you spend each day with. Any tensions you’ve had on the job ease as your reputation is restored and your intentions towards co-workers are taken as intended. Mercury is asking you to reconsider the boundaries and negotiations you make with others – especially when it comes to shared resources – and how much attention you pay to other’s opinions of what you consider important, not negotiable values. Pisces is notoriously changeable. But this does not mean you lack your own ideas or ethics, Pisceans just frame these things as so sacred as to be virtually matters of religion and thus indefinable. Because you are by nature so understanding you can empathise and feel every perspective, from everyone, all at once – this can make discerning your own boundaries difficult. Others approach matters more directly and will easily overwhelm you if you do not first work out what it is you consider important where no one can vibe you out with their strong, emotionally charged opinions. Work patiently with the retrograde, keeping an eye out for where she starts and you begin and you’ll be just fine. Aquarius: Ah dear Aqua, you’re not sure whether you’re going forward with things or back over things with your significant other/s. Venus is going direct with Mars in Leo but all this passion is a little antagonistic to your Sun self and we know you’d rather everything and everyone should just calm the **** down. Ahem. Mercury is about to go retro in Libra, also an air sign and in love with ideas as you are the turning over and considering different perspectives is not entirely inimical to your usual chaotic and unexpected approach. Watch those words that pour from you and are usually incomprehensible to others (unless Aquarian) – you may be additionally obscure and weird sounding during the retrograde. Capricorn: All of this wild blown romantic energy and relationships re-discovery have been throwing you out quite a bit. With your ruler Saturn changing signs you begin to notice a subtle shift in energy from digging deep into the “stuff” and turning outwards to build new structures for managing life. And oh but how well you do manage everything. Even when you seemed overwhelmed Capricorn, you manage things masterfully. It’s just sometimes managing and planning doesn’t work. It’s the wrong tool for the task if you want to look at it practically. Venus and Mars in the eighth house are stirring up old feelings and passions – you may have thought you’d laid that to rest at the end of July. It looked like you were on a whole new track. But turns out that was just a review of earlier love lessons and NOW you are back on track. It’s probably not going according to plan. Forget about the plan. Make a new one. Let the abundant drive of Mars carry you forward, allow the passions to be. You are so together in every other respect that as long as you surrender and accept things with good humour and an open heart you will find things steadying into a more reliable rhythm. Sagittarius: The Lady of love moves forward with Mars in the domain of travel and adventure. You may be travelling physically elsewhere or find that your desire to understand newer, higher concepts or ideas from elsewhere has returned. As an Archer you’re always up for adventure but the fire is under you now and you are keen to fly. Venus is direct blessing any plans afoot – if you push for it you may be lucky enough to actually get somewhere more interesting than where you are right now. Mercury is in Libra in your house of friendship and community. You will find yourself revisiting your approach to friendships & commitments to social groups during his retrograde. Connections you’ve put aside to focus on the creative projects remerge; it’s time to consider how these competing demands blend or clash with your highest calling in life. Instead of considering who you need to throw off and avoid in order to become the truest and best version of You I encourage you to look at things differently… could it be possible that those who your consider “your people” support and make possible your going out into the world? At the very least, friends are a patient & adoring audience for your philosophical discourses. Scorpio: Look who is coming out from under the rock and showing an increasing interest in friends and community! With Saturn now direct in the last degrees of your sign the hard work of restructuring your identity and self-expression is almost over and you are more confident to do your own thing. Your ruler Mars in Leo now joins with Venus pushing your recent review of your career and vocation into action. Things feel like they are moving fast and they are, make the most of this time to put yourself forward into the world. While the active blessing of Venus and Mars strengthen your public reputation, the Sun and Jupiter are making your friendship groups flourish. Mercury is bringing forth the deep instinctive part of your nature through dreams, hunches and inspired words. Mercury is about to enter his retrograde period in this realm of imagination. Your reasoning is instinctive almost supernaturally canny at this time. Expect more unravelling of unconscious mental habits during the retrograde and embrace the dissolution. This is a creative time if you are willing to swim in the depths.

Libra: Mercury the trickster-communicator has entered your house Libra and he is gathering information before he goes into topsy-turvy retrograde mode next week. It is time to look carefully at how you structure routine and your day-to-day life. New ideas for making the humble routines in life work better are uncovered during the retrograde period. Venus, your ruler brings her grace back to your life, reconnecting you with friends and social groups that have been neglected after 6 weeks of hibernation. Mars in Leo combines with Venus to take you into new territory with social groups, a resurgent confidence and joy blesses all your relating…except for home where some minor revolutions may take place as Mercury squares Pluto. You are more willing to speak in a way that challenges those you share home with or call kin. If you turn this energy inward, your thinking about your home and early life is taking a whole new direction. The next week can bring startling perspectives on this story. Later in the week Mercury opposes Uranus bringing flashes of insight and resolution. Try and keep the scales balanced while you observe the flips in perspective coming your way, the Mercury retrograde period will bring more to light. Wait, observe, then judge.

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