Warrior of Love! Mars & Venus in Aries

Venus is in Aries and right now, we’re all feeling a little bit like the Warrior Goddess in Love. Combine that with Mars’ force as he charges through his own sign and things are getting fierce; fiercely loyal, determined and COMMITTED. Saturn is – for once ahem – making it all real and solid. That passionate courage when it comes to love and your heart? Ain’t just a feeling. Right now you can make stuff with that confidence – so get it done.

Mars and Venus have changed signs from romantic Pisces to direct, blunt, honest Aries. Our passions leap up…we wake from our lovely daydreams and spring into action. Venus rules affection as much as romantic love. Mars rules our energy and drive as much as our sexuality or temper. All in all it’s a brash, determined mix of passion, sweetness and COURAGE. Perfect if you’re in need of some boldness and optimism when it comes to close relationships of any kind. Later in the month the lovers move towards Uranus (the unexpected) also in Aries  &the fireworks really get going. With sparkles and gunpowder and a bit of burning ash; your passions, desires and what you’re driving towards burst out in clashing sound and colour. Vivid and noisy things cannot be ignored.. as every Aries knows.

But Venus and Mars aren’t just about love and sexuality. Although we talk about these 2 most often in terms of intimate relationships how we use charm (Venus) and force (Mars) determines all of our interpersonal interactions – and the reactions! Venus is the desire for grace & harmony, that part of ourselves we use to make things sweet in all our relationships. We use Venus when we want to get things done through diplomacy. While she is in Aries we are honest and direct, but warm and loyal. Our sweetness manifests as camaraderie rather than flattery and flirtation. Mars expresses all kinds of drive – energy, ambition, passion, lust and anger – in Aries he is extra Fiery but also clear and direct. Mars in Aries is a fierce but clear expression of drive, if he manifests as anger he passes quickly. In our passions he is direct and exuberant. If you’ve been brooding, feeling your drives & energy has been turned in on itself Mars in Aries helps you get it out. Just try and direct it somewhere that supports your highest belief – which is usually not as satisfying to the ego 😉

Clash your sword against your shield and let out the battle cry of LOVE, have a fiercely passionate month and see you at the Full Moon in Virgo in a few days.

Love, Asha Maria

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