What Does Your ‘Star Sign’ Mean?

Most people know their Star Sign or Sun Sign, but you probably don’t know what the Sun symbolises.

Our Sun sign represents our Ego-Drive, our basic nature as a being. Not our emotional needs or our ambitions, the way we communicate or how we show affection but a kind of nameless core motivating power.  The Sun is your essential self, your basic way of being and outlook on life.

The Sun is the core of who you are.

The Sun is the source of life and light in our world and the most important element of the astrological chart. All other elements of your personality revolve around the Sun Sign. While one planet’s influence may seem prominent from time to time, your Sun Sign defines the nature and essence of your experience in your present life. You cannot change it or modify it, only work with it. The Sun Self exudes a force that pulls everything together, without honouring and understanding this core self your power dissipates in space – attracted to other objects of greater gravity.

Our Sun nature is our centre of strength and vitality. When you are unsure of yourself, feed your Sun nature. Look at the world through the perspective of your Sun and you will find all the other elements – even conflicting – in your personality, will attain their right place.

The realm of your Sun is your core, your coming home.

Aries – Determined, independent, courageous, child-like, ego driven

Taurus– Reliable, grounded, nurturing, practical, sensuous, obstinate

Gemini Communicative, intelligent, curious, restless, sociable, talkative

Cancer – Caring, cautious, tenacious, nostalgic, protective

Leo – Outgoing, generous, warm, playful, loves to lead

Virgo Sensitive, delicate, cautious, ordered, ethical

Libra– Elegant, fair-minded, intellectual, conciliatory, lovely

Scorpio– Magnetic, intense, tenacious, direct, defensive

Sagittarius – Free-spirit, philosophical, idealistic, generous, unpredictable

Capricorn– Ambitious, committed, responsible,

AquariusQuirky, non-conformist, humanitarian, intellectual, abstract

Pisces – Sensitive, intuitive, fluid, diffuse, intangible

Your Sun Sign is only part of the picture – the Moon and Ascendant sign are the other 3 major pieces of the puzzle, and the other planets then give us greater insight into the aspects of your nature such as affection, ambition, luck, resources and spiritual purpose. To understand how this works for you make a time to sit & talk astrology with me

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