What’s Your Moon Sign?

The Moon is the second most important planet in the Astrological Chart. It reflects the light of the Sun – the centre of our Solar System (and frankly unless you’re an astrophysicist, at this point in time the galactic centre is academic). The Sun is the source of life and light in our world. This is why the Sun Sign (or Star Sign) is the most important element of the astrological chart.

Along with your Ascendant sign – the constellation rising at the moment of your birth – the Moon is the other critical element which reveals your personality and essential nature. Even if you only know these 3 facts you can now better work with Astrology to make sense of things and improve relationships with others.

The Moon has no light of her own. She exists in the orb of our home, Earth, which Astrologically symbolises the body of the individual in Space. She is as passive as a mirror, throwing back what is given to her yet she exerts a mysterious and tangible effect on the Earth. She moves the tides and stimulates plants at night. (Apparently there is little empirical evidence for her effect upon crops but generations of farmers and gardeners disagree. For more on planting by the moon click here). She has inspired countless artists & mystics; women plan births and manage fertility by her phases of waxing and waning.

Key Words for the Astrological Moon:

Mother/Nurturing Parent Developing Power Place of Gentle Retreat The Intuitive Instinct Sense

In Your Astrological Chart the Moon represents:

Your Emotional Self Unconscious/Instinctive Self How you connect and build relationships with others (not just romantic) How you nurture others How you can replenish yourself when you are in need of nurturing What you need to feel secure, to grow and flourish

Find your moon sign here at http://alabe.com/freechart/ with a free chart. All you will need is your birthdate, birthplace and birth time. If you don’t have a birth time set it as Midday. Over the coming days I will be posting a little on each moon sign for your entertainment.

I’m a Lunar Taurus (which given the other mix of stuff I’ve got going on means things may pan out ok ha!). Despite my freedom loving ego-nature (Aquarius Sun) I need comfort and security to retreat to. The senses and a little luxury are important – but it doesn’t have to be extravagant; just somewhere warm, soft and completely mine. Lunar Taureans need a stable home and emotional life and then we are warm and generous. If we don’t have these things we get stubborn, sullen, even depressed. Lunar Taurus are able gardeners and can have a tendency to excess in whichever part of the chart the moon falls.

~ Love Asha Maria

To understand more about your Moon Sign and your whole Cosmic Self – email: seaserpentsky@gmail.com to arrange a personalised Cosmic Blue Print report and consultation (available via Skype for people outside of the Sydney/Illawarra area).

When you think about yourself and your astrology, imagine you are standing on the globe of the Earth in space with the constellations and planets wheeling around you. All the planets and constellations are beaming threads of light which pass through you . You are the centre of this system and a part of it, a star of consciousness in an infinite universe. Your observation strengthens these interactions between heavenly bodies. You can use these lines of glittering light to weave something beautiful or you can be knocked over by the force that you neither see nor understand.

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