What’s Your Sign Babe? Venus & Love

Your Venus sign shows your romance and love nature, how you seduce and charm, beguile and intrigue. The placement of Venus also represents what you look for and what pleases you when it comes to romance.

Venus in Aries – Energetic and spontaneous you get competitive and sulk if you are not given enough attention from your beloved. Your love is fierce, strong & straightforward. When you love, you let her know. And expect her to jump on board with you. Take care you allow others time to work out their feelings, not everyone knows that stuff as quickly as you do.

Venus in Taurus – Luxurious and indulgent. You spoil your lover through touch, comfort and the best of everything. Sleeping on a mat in a bare apartment isn’t romantic to you no matter who is lying next to you (it is for Sagittarius, Aquarius or Aries Venus.) You want to spoil and long to be spoiled in return. Once you fall in love it’s hard for you to change tack so make sure your affection is well placed before you commit. You crave stability and provide that for those you love.

Venus in Gemini – Witty & verbal the Gemini Venus seduces lovers through words, especially text, email or written work (on the odd occasion this manifests as a knack for a certain type of poetic talent). Gemini Venus shows affection by telling you what he thinks about you, how you make him feel and he will want you to reflect your attachment to him verbally too. Playful & curious he wants to know everything about love.

Venus in Cancer – Tender & caring with a penchant for nostalgia. He will remember your first meeting, date, kiss – he’s the kind to want an ‘our song’ and to look over those old photos, revisit significant locations, to enjoy again and again every sweet moment between you. Indulge his delight in retracing the landscape of your romance. His commitment to you is unshakeable once he has let his defences down. He is sentimental and if you mock it or don’t get it, he can get sharp (crabs have claws!) 

Venus in Leo – Bold & romantically confident she makes you feel like a Queen, just like her. She is generous, with her wallet and her kisses. She expects that the world will adore you, celebrate her luck in snaring you and that the announcement of your love affair will be met with loud applause from all quarters. PDAs (public displays of affection) likely. Adore her, it only gives her more energy to adore you right back.

Venus in Virgo – Discreet & refined it may take a while for you to work out he likes you, he can be cautious to the point of shyness or modesty. You may have to clearly explain that you will be kissing him now, if he doesn’t mind, yes right here, no, no one can see – (why is that a problem?) You then try to kiss him and he blushes and suggests you sink further out of sight. He is no prude. He is just discreet. Get him home discover his loving is enchanting and unforgettable – it’s not charm or seduction, it’s tenderness. It’s not so much passion, as perfection. A perfect and refined understanding of the art of love. He will write beautiful and discreet poetry about you. You will not know it is about you. You will cry.

Venus in Libra – Charming & elegant her love is an art form, a cultural ritual – elegant manners, beautifully scented, tastefully dressed she will ensure the spaces you move through, the place you eat, the film you watch is perfectly adjusted to your tastes and desires. She loves equality and works well in partnership but she can be a little too eager to please and leave you with the sense that she is disingenuous. This isn’t so, she does really care for you. She also cares very much about everyone else she is friends with. Romantic love doesn’t win the prize for her, you may be first, but always first among equals. She longs for partnership and she seeks to create harmony wherever she goes. She is gentle and fair. This is the sign of the Goddess Venus in her own Kingdom. If you are in her graces, you are blessed indeed. Venus in Scorpio – Deeply magnetic & passionate. She will tear at you, open your heart and make you drunk on kisses. Though much desired she gives in with her heart rarely – she defends it for she knows how intense real love is. And anything less she will never accept. She may have a reputation as a seducer or a leader-on-of-lovers because many love her and she requires more than most can give. The only way she can love is right to the depths of the psyche, tearing through your soul leaving you gasping and joyous and broken in the best way. But if you aren’t up to that she will never let you in. She may even secretly scorn you for your shallow, pathetic ideas on love – love is all or nothing. Her intensity provokes you to greater awareness. Best not to be faint of heart, you will be transformed by this way of loving. She can be jealous and provoking, don’t mock or trifle with her. She won’t laugh it off. She will be wounded, deeply and may not love again. Or, she will wound your heart right back. You will bear the mark through all subsequent loves and secretly, you’ll never forget her.

Venus in Sagittarius – Adventurous & playful his love is a gift for the broken hearted lover. If you have been wounded, or betrayed this lover will gather you up, laughing, remind you of the sun and rain and wind, he’ll kiss you –  then crack a crass joke to avoid the experience becoming a ‘moment’. Despite your earnestness (and indignation) you will be forced to laugh. Because it was a damn good joke. And the timing was comedy gold. And then you might just cry, with relief. Because it’s all ok now. This one doesn’t stab you in the back or the heart. He may be a trifle unreliable and do not expect to spend your time together at refined restaurants, family gatherings or anything traditional/standard. It will be odd and non committal. But it will be cheerful and warm and honest.  

Venus in Capricorn – Traditional & committed she will want a family, a clear definition of your relationship and she won’t look kindly on ‘alternative’ relationship models. No strings, friends with benefits, etc sit uncomfortably with the conservative Venus in Capricorn. Using elegant words for the same thing, like ‘lover’ or ‘polyamorous’ also won’t wash with her. She will call bullsh*t on that, except she won’t use that word; because that’s crass and she isn’t crass. She is an old school dame. She sees this love affair going somewhere and she believes in commitment. If you are not able to do that she is quite pragmatic. She won’t weep or wail or have a tantrum. She will give you clear reasons why it’s not working and you are gone unless a plan of action on “how to improve our relationship” happens to be in your back pocket. If you have a sensible action plan you may be given a temporary reprieve because she also believes in working on it, not giving up on you and helping you to realise your ambitions, if you are in. If you don’t have ambition find someone else. Ambition is lovely to her. So is success and she will make sure that you are a success as individuals and a couple.

Venus in Aquarius – Aloof, eccentric & a true friend, Aqua Venus loves everyone, is friends with everyone and loves humanity in general. He can be a little aloof, he is not soppy and does not express commitment in a traditional way. Friendship is the Holy Grail of Love for this one. So when he says you are his very best friend this is a good sign. Unlikely it is a sign he isn’t really that into you. Except he is so aloof it can be hard to know. You may have to alert him as to why this is a problem for you, that you need clarity on whether you are friends only or friends and romantic partners (that are also the best of friends). He will be fascinated. He will ask scientifically precise questions about why you would feel that way.  He may still not get it. He will smile warmly and invite you out with your friends. Be his friend. Enjoy his eccentricities. He will never cling to you, try to possess you or run you down to keep you there. He loves freedom and wants you to have that too. So he’ll make sure you’re happy so you are confident enough to be your own independent person. You’re not a couple. You’re a pair of individuals.

Venus in Pisces – Enchantment & surrender, this is Venus at her most intriguing. He swims in deep waters; you will never grasp him. If he loves you, you will know it, he will be devoted to you. His love will be transcendental, devoted and as expansive as the waves. But that’s the key…waves. He moves like the tide flowing: toward you and then away again. He is yearning, dissatisfaction, tears and then he is romance, devotion and sweetness. Out like the tide and then rushes in again. He will feel comfortable with limits and order that respect his need to return to the mystic side of himself. Wait for him to come back in, and see what he brings you but never force or demand, he will vanish. You can’t force him to reveal his secret mystical side, but he may let you catch glimpses of it.

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