Why I follow the Moon

The Moon in her movement through the 12 Houses of Heaven  helps us map out each month in a meaningful way; drawing our focus to the time for initiative (Aries) or reverie (Pisces). No lunar month is the same; the cycle of waxing and waning shifts little by little throughout the year. Some months the Moon waxes in Taurus…in another it is waning. Thus I experience the Lunar Taurus energies differently each time (and if I keep records, can use the different phases of the Moon in Taurus to develop the lessons of Taurus at each step of the process in the year.)

Each New Moon cycle brings a different over-arching theme. The New Moon in Aquarius will evoke a different experience of the waxing Moon in Cancer than the previous New Moon cycle (Capricorn) did. By observing these cycles and learning to move with them, we can weave our lives with grace and art – at times surrendering consciously to what is greater and at other moments, master that which is within our power to change. Sometimes it is hard to grasp the movements of current throughout a whole Solar year (The Sun progressing through each 12 signs), but the Lunar Month shifts through the signs within 28 days.

Learning to observe and map your experience of the Moon’s gentle progress helps women to chart fertility, the biodynamic gardener to plan his garden and imbues meaning in the infinite expanse that is the passage of time. Look at the moon and remember all who came before you, who stood thus – the Ancestors who brought you here before there were timepieces other than the vault of Sky and the Heavenly Bodies. Remember you are part of this great flow, immersed in the cosmic tides, standing on a little blue-green planet hurtling through space, wheeling amongst the stars.

~ Love Asha Maria

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