Asha Astrology

Got a question about a relationship issue or when the tide will change and what it might bring? This short report answers your question based on your unique birth chart and the current planetary weather.

Report details:

  • Original report written by Asha in real-time (not an auto report) up to 3 pages of detailed analysis
  • Best for a focused question - for a more in-depth interpretation check out the detailed Astrology 3-Question Report 
  • All original written by Asha with love, for you.
  • Please provide your birthdate, time and place and your question. Birth date should be in the following format: December 21, 1990 . Please provide birth time in 24 hr time e.g. 22:30 for 10:30 pm. 
  • Every report is a unique response to your question in real-time (not an auto-report) - I draw up your chart and meditate over it, then transfer the message into a beautifully written piece for you to muse over and work with. 
  • Time to receipt depends on present booking schedule - I will email you with estiamted arrival date once you purchase. 

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